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Show Me The MONEY!

$$$Show Me the MONEY$$$

Several people have asked me for my allowance method for my babies.  I will go ahead and warn you, if you do not have an OCD bone in your body then this is probably not for you.  

Here is the link to open what I have made for my kids.  It is specific to my three kids so you would need to do the same; all of these are age appropriate to my children.

Document #1

This is the record sheet:

Allowance Document #1

Basically, on 'Allowance Document #1' I record each days work.  If they do their chore then they receive a plus sign (+) and if they do not do it then they receive a negative sign (-).  I try my best to do the + in red and the - in black so it is easier to read, quicker.  This is based on a two week period and the kids receive payment on the 15th day.  The actual chores will be explained later.

Document #2

Sheet #2 is the 'Fight or Flight Deduction Sheet'.

Allowance Document #2

On this sheet I record the bad choices made for the day.  Bad behavior means a dock in pay.  The tally mark basically means they lose credit for one + sign they received for doing their chores.  It is a behavior incentive as well.  I know incentives do not work for a lot of children and then some children do not need them at all, mine do.  The rules for my house are listed on this sheet as follows:

No Screaming at your brother or sister.
No hitting your brother or sister.
No potty talk.
**If there is a problem, walk away and get an adult.
A's and S's are the only thing that are acceptable.
Each A' you receive, you will get an extra $2, B's you will get an extra $1
Anything less than an S or an A, you will lose $1 (Tanner has exceptions).
Green or higher colors are only acceptable, anything less you lose $1 per day.
More than 3 yellow or reds in a two week period, you will lose your allowance.
You will give 10% to church.
You will save 25%.
You will use the remainder as you want.
I will pay for your dinner and drink only.
I will no longer pay for any extra snacks unless it’s a reward.
Anything extra you may WANT, you will be responsible for paying for it.
You will keep a wallet.
Your money is your responsibility.
If you touch someone else's money you will put all of yours in savings and you will
be suspended for one month without pay.

Document #3

Moving on:  Sheet #3.  This is the 'Allowance' sheet, it tells me what each child will be given monetarily wise. In the first column I add up the plus signs and deduct the minus signs to get the monetary value of their chores.  In the next section I add up the tally marks from the behavior sheet for each day and record the dollar or cents amount here (hopefully its nothing and if anything, cents!).  Each tally mark is worth .10 cents, each positive sign is worth .10 cents.  Again, my kids are 7,7 and 6 so I think $1 per day is perfect at their age; you can adjust your amount as you see fit!  There is not a place for special occasions such as grades.  I typically just write those in when the time calls for it.   This can be done daily or at the end of the two week period.  Finally, I subtract the bottom total from the top total and that is what each child is due!  Easy peasy.

Allowance Document #3

Document #4

The final document is a breakdown of what each kid is responsible for daily.  I hang this at eye level on the fridge.

Allowance Document #4

So I am sure you want to know what AM & PM routines are, so let me explain:

AM Routine:  You must get yourself up with an alarm or the first time I call you.  You must get yourself dressed.  You must make sure your belly is fed if you are not eating at school (either by telling me what you need or fixing it yourself).  You must brush your teeth, hair and make sure your face and nails are clean.  You must pack your back pack accordingly for the day.  ALL OF THIS MUST BE DONE WITHOUT HESITATION, ARGUING, FUSSING OR FIGHTING.  ABSOLUTELY NO COMPLAINING!

PM Routine:  You must brush your teeth, bathe, and go to bed without revisiting for unncessary bathroom breaks, multiple glasses of water and 'needing to tell ya something' moments.  ALL OF THIS MUST BE DONE WITHOUT HESITATION, ARGUING, FUSSING OR FIGHTING.  ABSOLUTELY NO COMPLAINING!


Lunch Box Duty:  Clean out the trash from the lunchboxes from the day and put any dishes into the sink or dish washer.

I think everything else is self explanatory.  You just have to remember that this is a guide, every family is different and you have to do what is best for your household and age appropriate for your children.  You don't even have to do money; electronics time, play station time, outside time....whatever works for you!!!

As far as handing over the cash.....I give them envelopes with the exact amount they are owed in it.  Their name appears on the envelope just like a paycheck with the amount under their name.

I leave you with this information:  I tell my kids upfront before starting this program that under no circumstances were I begging them to do their chores.  I stopped reminding them after the first pay period.  It is their responsibility.  If they do not do the work, they do not get paid.  Period.

If there are ANY questions, please do not hesitate to ask!  If you would like a copy of the documents where you can adjust them then just shoot me an email: or leave me a comment with your email address!!!

                                                                                       Just DO IT!
                                                                                 Traci L. Silloway

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