Sunday, March 2, 2014

Nail Salon

Happy March y'all!

I opened up an eBay store back in June of 2013.  I basically take in peoples closets and resell them on eBay for a split percentage.  I also buy storage units, yard sale and have various other methods of procuring items to sell.  Basically, to break it down, I'm a retail reseller.  Well, business is great!  I may even be hiring someone in the near future so that I can grow.  I love it!  How did this all come about?

My husband needs me to stay at home with him.  He has muscular dystrophy and is in a wheelchair.  If I have a job outside of the house then its practically impossible to leave at his beckon call, so this is what I decided to do, for now.

Anyway, so business has been increasing steadily and I decided yesterday to reward my efforts with a pedicure.  I never spend money on myself.  Ever.  I hadn't had a pedicure in nearly a year and it was just time.  Flip flop season is right around the corner people.  So, I go into our local Nail Star.  Barbara Gray is going to kill me for that but I'm one of these people that have a hard time keeping an appointment due to my crazy schedule; I need a place I can go to on a whim.  I enter the Nail Star (the one by Publix for all you locals that read my blog) and I'm asked the basic question:  Hi. May I help you.  Well, yes you can.  I need a pedicure please.  Pick yo color.  So I pick this nudey pink color and I"m excited.  One of the 'gentlemen' that was playing on his laptop said something in his native tongue.  Immediately all three of the employees doing a pedicure look directly at me and laugh.  I make eye contact with each of them and they quickly turn their heads.  I sit down in the chair and it happens all over again.  I feel my skin flush because I KNOW they are talking about me.  How do they speak in that ultra-low tone?  One man can say something while I'm two feet from him and I cannot hear him but the girl in the back of the building behind a close door calls out to him? What!

I would love for a nail place of this caliber to open up in my city somewhere where they have an 'English only' policy.  I'd visit them and I'm sure a few of you would also.

In the words of Stephanie Tanner: 'How rude'.

I know this was pertinent information to get you through your Sunday but I really needed to share my thoughts!