Saturday, January 18, 2014

Chicken N' Waffles YO!

Okay, so I was totally skeptical.  Totally.  I have read and seen all the yummy goodness that surrounds 'Chicken and Waffles'.  I honestly thought it couldn't be so.  As I mentioned in previous post we are attempting a more clean eating regiment which really consist of knocking out boxed convenient foods.    Any attempt to keep out the chemicals used to preserve food is a good attempt in my book.  So anyway, I had box of Krusteaz waffle mix and it is my favorite in a pinch.  I also had some chicken breast that I had recently purchased ON SALE of course because let's be honest, who can afford boneless skinless chicken breast for a family of six these days without putting an extra mortgage on their home.  Really.  So I thought to myself....JUST DO IT....just go AHEAD and make the waffles and slap the piece of good ol' FRIED chicken yumminess on it! JUST DO IT!  AND let me just say, oh my goodness for all that is kind in the world, for all that is fair and equal about our great land - IT WAS FABULOUS, better than I thought it would be if I had only given it a small smidgen of was AWESOME!

Go ahead and make your favorite waffle recipe.  If you need one, please let me know in the comments below and I'll give you my best one.  Make the waffles a little extra crispy so that it can withstand the chicken.

Then, make this chicken.  This crispy, slap yo' mama fried chicken.

6 Chicken Breast, Boneless & Skinless
Veggie Oil for Frying
2 Cups of Self Rising Flour
1 t. WHITE Pepper
1 t. Poultry Seasoning
1 t. Cayenne Pepper
1 t. Salt
1 t. Onion Powder
1 t. Garlic Powder
4 Eggs, Whole
Splash of Worcestershire Sauce
Pinch of Additional Salt
Local Honey

Special Equipment:  Large Ziploc Bag and Meat Mallet

1.  Clean the chicken with a cold water rinse.  Pat dry with a paper towel.  Set aside.
2.  Go ahead and place about 1" of oil in a chefs pan or deep sided skillet.  Turn heat on medium heat.  Allow oil to heat slowly but DO NOT get it too hot.
3.  On a clean dredging dish or plate add flour, pepper, poultry seasoning, cayenne, salt, onion powder and garlic powder.  Mix well with a fork or wire wisk.  Be careful not to throw the flour mix all around!
4.  In an additional dredging dish or deep sided dish crack all four eggs and add Worcestershire sauce.  Mix well.
5.  Take your first piece of chicken breast and place it inside of your ziplock bag.  Beat it half to death with the mallet.  Pound it till about 1/4" thick.
6.  Dredge the pulverized breast into the flour mixture, shake the excess flour off, dip into the egg wash covering with the mixture, shake off excess and dip in the flour mixture again, shake excess off.

7.  Carefully and slowly place chicken breast in the heated oil.  It should sizzle and you will immediately be able to smell its yummy goodness.  OH it is so good.  That smell!
8.  Cook chicken breast for about 4-5 minutes until golden brown then flip to the other side, again, carefully as to not splatter the hot grease.  Cook another 5 minutes until golden brown.
9.  Place cooked chicken breast on a paper bag or paper towels to drain excess grease.
10.  Put your cooked waffle on the plate, top it with the amazing chicken breast you just cooked and then drizzle the best local honey that you can find.

It should look a little something like this.......

This is the mother of ALL goodness.  The End.

Peace, Love & Chicken Grease,



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  1. I've always thought to myself "Gross". Every time I'd go to Atlanta, people were always telling me to go to Gladys Knight's chicken and waffles restaurant. Yeah was so not happening and when I did finally go, I ate wings. Anyway, I finally had it in Virginia last month and OMG I was in love. They used a really good, light, warm syrup. Honey sounds fabulous! I may fix this one day. Thanks!