Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dirty Today, Clean Tomorrow!

Okay.  So we are in process of cleaning out our kitchen of all processed foods.  We are fat, we are tired and we are chemically poisoning ourselves every single day.  It is what it is, let's be honest.  Even if you say it's not...YOU'RE WRONG.  You are just so wrong!  We are pumping our bodies full of chemicals at an alarming rate and I promise you that I'm not a hippy bandwagon go with the flow kind of gal!  I'm not! I like a good cheeseburger and pack of oreos as much as the next fat girl but OH MY WORD!  When you break it down and really get into the nitty gritty of things - HOLY CRAP BATMAN!  Things have got to change....I'm not saying that we are going totally clean eating.  We are cutting out all processed foods such as snacks, soda, flavored drinks, condiments, seasoning packets (ranch dressing, dried onions), pop tarts, waffles.....if it comes in a box or a packet then we will no longer be purchasing it.  We hopefully will be completely homemade by the time summer rolls around.

You know little blueberries that are in muffin mix or the packaged muffins that the kids love?  Let me break that down for you - they're NOT blueberries, they're made with the same chemical that is used to all-weather your RV, they're made from the same chemical that are used to keep your pipes in your vehicle from freezing and last but certainly not least, they are used in the chemical drink that you have to drink before a colonoscopy to 'clean your pipes' out completely.  I'm serious!

There is an excellent documentary called 'Hungry for Change'; we watched it on Netflix recently.  We as American's are paying dearly for convenience.  I hope its worth your life.

The items that we are keeping that would keep us out of the Paleo or Clean Eating groups, we are switching those to organic.  We are not going to give up dairy, meat or sugar (real sugar).  If it is something that you think isn't that big of a deal then you should really, really do a little digging.  As a society we have decided that instead of eating more raw veggies we will just replace THAT measure with the measure of taking a prescription med.  What a great replacement...

This is NOT going to be easy, at all.  This is going to put a huge responsibility on my shoulders to cook every single thing we eat.  When you write it all down and study over it, I promise you will have a 'OMG what have I gotten myself into' moment.  Here is a little example: Cheeseburgers.....I have to make the bread, ketchup, mayo, mustard and pickles. Yeah.  But then you have to think about it like this: I'm having to make the bread, ketchup, mayo, mustard and pickles because ALL of those foods that are so easily grabbed out of the cabinet are ALL LOADED with the same chemicals that can be found in paint thinner!  I made that part up but y'all see where I'm going with it.

I'm 32 (ugh, 33 in a few days) years old and I have been on 2 different blood pressure meds since my first pregnancy, eight years ago.  I'm over it.  I hate taking medication.  My mom and sister both have type 2 diabetes.  I am really overweight and have been for my entire life.  ALL OF THESE ISSUES are because of weight and our choices with food!  It is TIME to get a grip!

It is time to eat to live and STOP living to eat...because that, my friends, is just going to kill you!

I dare you to make 2 changes this week!  Tell me below what 2 changes YOUR family will be making...Ready....SET....GO!!!!

                                                       Love you enough to warn you,


  1. More power to you.....Mustard is okay, it doesn't have weird chemicals and you can get Simply Ketchup or something by Heinz and it doesn't have high fructose corn syrup, it's natural, I believe.

  2. It's all gone! We have homemade ketchup and mustard and mayo and heinz 57!!! Homemade is better!