Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Naked Face

I don't leave the house without make-up on my face.  EVER.  You know why?  Because when I do, I WILL run into you and every other person I haven't seen since high school.  Never fails, never ever, fails.  But a friend of mine recently did a blog post posting a selfie with no make-up on.  It was very inspirational for me.  Because let's be honest, once its on the internet there ain't no going back!  It's there. FOREVER.  Some of you young girls that post half naked pictures and tag yourself on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc....oh buddy, y'all are going to be regretting that sooner rather than later.  What are you going to do when your grandbaby  (again for most of you that act this way will have a grandkid 'sooner rather than later') is sitting on your lap and a half naked hooker style picture just pops right up?  Are you going to say, 'look sweet baby, granny was hot!' (and had no virtue whatsoever)?  Yeah, you probably will say that!

I often joke that if I looked like, let's say 'Jennifer Lawrence' (which I totes adore by the way), that you'd have a hard time keeping clothes on me.  Them's just jokes y'all!  I do LOVE JLaw though, for realz.

Anyway, I've gone off talking like the redneck tweener again.

So, back to my point.  I have begun to think about this no-make-up selfie.  Katelyn Carter's blog Southern Samplings is great for anyone but is most definitely valuable if you have a younger (teens to late twenties) daughter.  I love to read it and I know you will too.  It is the epitome of value and self-worth.  She is an amazing young lady that has SO much going on for herself and gives all the glory to God!  So when you have a sec, click the link and go check out her 'real selfie'.

I decided that wearing no make-up is empowering.  You may think that sounds dumb but think about it for a second.  If you can STILL look good with no make-up on then you know you have something to work with!  I'm serious!  It is those of you that don't take 20 minutes out of your day to smother your face in chemicals that REALLY have the chutzpah.  Not those of us that slather it on like its actually changing who we are.

So I am daring ALL of you over the next few days to take a naked face selfie and post it on some sort of social media! Get your beautiful self out there....haters going to hate.

I'm so jealous of Katelyn's beautiful skin!  That is all.

Here we go..................................(don't think that your computer is broken)..........

No Make-up

With Make-up
The difference is alarming.  Just goes to show you 'what people see is truly not what people get'.  It is amazing the amount of stuff I put on my face to have one ounce of confidence!  WHAT!  Who does that!  Confidence shouldn't come from the clothes on your body, the shoes on your feet or the make-up on your face.  It SHOULD come from who you have become as a person, in your heart, how you treat others!  Come on all you ladies, we need to change this.  NOW!

You can do it.

                                                          Naturally yours,


  1. I think you are beautiful with or with out makeup!! :)

    1. Awe! Thanks fran :) You so sweet! Love ya sister!